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Quilici Marine is none other than a restaurant, a private marina, a shipyard and a hotel, a few steps from the city center of Porto-Vecchio, by the sea. Meet the Quilici Marine teams, passionate and attentive , who will know how to best accompany you in your escape and adventure projects in South Corsica.

Residence La Plage
Shipyard / marina
The Beach Restaurant
Residence La Plage
Shipyard / marina
The Beach Restaurant
Welcome to the Hotel-Restaurant La Plage in Porto-Vecchio

A Haven of Luxury and Flavors
Porto-Vecchio Seaside Hotel-Restaurant

Explore the complete experience of the Hotel-Restaurant in Porto-Vecchio La Plage, a jewel nestled on the southern Corsican coast, offering a sublime marriage between relaxation by the sea and refined gastronomy. Our 11 Double Suites welcome you in a cocoon of comfort, while the La Plage restaurant awakens your taste buds with exceptional Mediterranean cuisine.

Located on Cale Verde beach, our hotel-restaurant in Porto-Vecchio La Plage is the ideal place for all dinner or lunch occasions. Enjoy an outdoor dining experience on the sea view terrace, complete with a decorative swimming pool for a relaxing ambiance.

Our cuisine highlights local products, with particular attention to the catch of the day and local agriculture. Savor carefully prepared dishes reflecting the richness of Mediterranean flavors. The lounge bar area offers a variety of drinks to accompany your meal, as well as aperitif boards for a friendly touch.

For the complete experience, stay in our Double Suites, offering luxurious comfort, then head to La Plage restaurant for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Gastronomy with View of the Mediterranean Sea Exceptional Cuisine by the Water

Discover exceptional cuisine at the Hotel-Restaurant in Porto-Vecchio La Plage, where the view of the Mediterranean Sea combines with refined Mediterranean flavors. Our restaurant creates an unforgettable dining experience, combining the serene ambiance of Cale Verde beach with exquisite cuisine.

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Restaurant La Plage in Porto-Vecchio Seaside Gastronomy

The La Plage restaurant, located in the heart of the Hotel-Restaurant in Porto-Vecchio, is a place dedicated to Mediterranean culinary art. Enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience, with your feet in the sand of Cale Verde beach, with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Exceptional Dinners and Lunches A Varied Menu for All Occasions in Porto-Vecchio

The La Plage restaurant offers a varied menu for all occasions, whether it is a romantic dinner, a family lunch or a meal with friends. Discover creative cuisine highlighting local products and the catch of the day, in our hotel-restaurant in Porto-Vecchio. 

Terrace and Decorative Swimming Pool in our Porto Vecchio hotel-restaurant Relaxing Outdoor Ambience

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our terrace with sea view, complete with a decorative swimming pool. An ideal setting to enjoy your meal outdoors, under the starry Mediterranean sky. Reserve your table in our hotel-restaurant in Porto Vecchio.

Lounge Bar and Aperitif Board A Friendly Space for All Evenings in Porto-Vecchio

The lounge bar of our hotel-restaurant in Porto Vecchio invites you to extend your evenings with a varied selection of drinks. Accompany your drink with our aperitif boards, creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.